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Timeout Lyrics (Verse 1) I’m feeling da pressurethe first time I reallyjust realizedI messed up I whip any ridelike whipping teslagimme a shot im shootingthe best of themtaken da top ropeand just like a wrestler she is a dimemoving the decimal can’t you just tellflow is just bettalike water or blood This is da timeof da month when u just listenit bumplike daredevil go head and juststuntmaybe u judgey know what you just sus look in da mirroryou...

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Making a Statement Lyrics

Making a Statement Lyrics (Intro Bridge) (living in the sky that’s my dream world) Ya Ya Ya (Ugh Ugh) Ya Ya Ya (Ugh Ugh)  Ya Ya Ya (Ugh Ugh) Ya Ya Ya   (Verse 1) I’m Taking my shot and they duck(of course) Trying to catch up but they mustard(never) Giving all love but they lusting(fuck it) Getting all drippy and customLeaving the scene and I’m dusking Got the four wheeler we riding like nothingDouble cupping with the henny (damn) Orlando Magic...

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Rebirth Lyrics (Verse 1)not ina groupbut new taeditionim changingmy chapterso here’sthe visionits morethe a dream martin on missionI needed tocook itbut not inthe kitchenim chargingit upneededextensionsand now datI thinkim reborn already burntand im scorntoo many pointsand I didn’teven scoretoo many shots and I can’tDodge it That’s life boyand you can’tpause it gotta staydrippy likerunning facet all eyeslooking at memoss it gotta godeep touchdownboss...

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