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All Eyes Entertainment is a business that serves underrepresented artists by giving them a place to show what they are made of. We all see the world through different lenses, and each of those perspectives is an opportunity to contribute new visions for the future.
All Eyes Entertainment is here to elevate the mindset, propel those visions, and help struggling artists find opportunity through collaboration.
All Eyes Entertainment is a subsidiary of All Eyes Productions, founded by Baltimore native Jay Konsciouz. Like most boys his age, Jay spent his youth playing sports and video games. But with a natural penchant toward empathy and learning, and a typical adolescent inability to sit still, Jay began to develop both his musical and his managerial talents.
Pursuing an education in business management and channeling his voice to communicate through lyrics and music, Jay mapped his path for helping others to draw out the best of themselves. With mentors and business leaders helping propel his career forward, Jay Konsciouz is now paying it forward. All Eyes Entertainment has a relentless focus on helping artists gain access and exposure as they refine and perfect their craft.
Since not every story is all rainbows and sunshine, Jay is also committed to building wins for those who can no longer do so for themselves. He has committed to donating a portion of All Eyes’ profits to the Dr. Nadia D. Morgan Memorial Fund. Morgan was a Johns Hopkins fellow who lost her life when Jay accidentally ran into her while speeding in his car to his mother’s house on a stormy afternoon. Jay suffered legal consequences for his role in this tragedy, but since no amount of sorrow or regret can bring Dr. Morgan back, Jay has vowed to be better and do better while making amends to Dr. Morgan’s family in Jamaica.
As Baltimoreans, the loss of family and friends is an all too common occurrence. This familiar turmoil can cascade from generation to generation, but Jay has refused to let obstacles get in the way of potential. He believes it is possible for all of us to be a better friend to a neighbor, and be a supporter, not a hater.
Musicians and artists who are struggling to channel your voice or find an avenue to pursue your vision, All Eyes Entertainment is a way to let others hear and see the world through your eyes. Those who wish to learn more can check out or contact
The Nadia D. Morgan Memorial Fund is operated through Morgan’s colleagues and friends at Johns Hopkins University. Contributions can be made here.
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